Shit Story

So for my creative writing class, I wrote the shittiest story. It was supposed to be a short story that was about 1300-1600 words and I absolutely HATE the story I wrote.

To the point where I am absolutely DREADING reading infront of class tomorrow.

So Durham,

When I wrote my extremely morbid short story in high school (lol) I was stuck between writing that one, or you said that I should write a story about meeting your favorite except they end up being an asshole. 

So in the past couple of weeks I had to write it, I couldn’t think of a single topic except that one. So I decided to try it out. I finished the story Monday night and I literally hate it.

It looks like something I would’ve wrote in middle school and I think it is so awful and the tire is awful and I was completely off my game for some reason for this assignment.

I tried so many other topics for my short story but I could not write any of them. Like no inspiration was coming through for them. 

The only one I could write all the way through was the asshole celebrity one. 

Ugh I hate it so much and all my classmates storied have been so good so far and I do not want to read this. 

I should have just stuck with writing a morbid/horror story like I always do. 

My twisted mind is so good at that shit. 😦 


Writer’s Block

So I’m in a creative writing class at the college right now and the first assignment is to write a flash fiction story in 250 words or less and I am stuck BIG TIME. If anyone is out there, help! I need an idea. I don’t have a topic and it’s due tomorrow. 😦 

Don’t Take Summer Classes. Its a Trap! 

So for some reason I stupidly decided to take two online summer classes. Film and Music appreciation. Everyone I knew that took film appreciation was like “omg it’s so chill, you watch like two movies a week and then write about it.” WRONGO. 

This teacher has me watching like 6+ movies within 5 days and then write shit about it and it’s so high maintenance that I have only done week one of my Music Appreciation assignments. 

This is literally awful. 

I’m watching a Black and White movie right now from the 30’s right after watching Jaws for another assignment.

At least the movies are starting to get a little better.

When the class first started, I was forced to watch 6, hour and a half long SILENT FILMS. It’s was absolute hell. 

I’m struggling 


I Can Hear the Bells!


Man I haven’t blogged in a while but I just am not over how amazing today was. 

  1. MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED. She and her fiancée met in freshman year in highschool and dated probably until their junior year, broke up, and then started dating again probably 5 or 6 years later. It’s all very Nicholas sparks. (Pitching him this book idea) anyways, they’ve been dating probably 6 years now and bought a house on a lake together last year and her just popped the question (finally) today. 
  2. Tatis birthday was today and I got to spend the morning with her which was nice 
  3. NATASHA SURPRISED THE SHIT OUT OF US MOMENTS AFTER I FOUND OUT ABOUT MY SISTERS ENGAGEMENT AND SHES HOME FOR THE WEEKEND AND I LITERALLY HAD JUST STIPPED CRYING ABOUT MY SISTER BEING ENGAGED AND STARTED CRYING AGAIN WHEN I FOUND OUT SHE WAS HOME. we only saw her briefly tonight but ughhh. It’s so fucking nice to see her. We planned a trip to go see her in September for Labor Day and me and Sav were like dying over how long we had to wait for that. Ugh I’m so fucking happy she’s home for at least a couple days. 
  4. My cousin Tyler, who I’ve talked about before, is doing extremely well with music and actually had a guy tell him he wanted to produce an EP for him and I’m just extremely thrilled and excited for him because I helped him write a song that’s he’s going to record and wow I’m just thrilled.

Today was amazing. And WordPress, I miss you. But honestly, nothing interesting has happened in my life lately and I never know what to write on here. I shall try harder though. 

Checking In

Hey WordPress and everyone who still stops by every once in a while like myself. 

Tomorrow marks my last day of freshman year of college.

Man has this year been… something 😬

Community college honestly hasn’t been as bad as I thought. 

Me and my longest friend were able to re kindle our (best) friendship again this year and has even become good friends with all of my friends. 

We’ve all been through laughs and tears this year and DEFINITELY some drama. 

But not between us, which is very nice. 

We’ve learned to stay away from Parkway West guys because there is obviously something wrong with their drinking water. 

My grades improved tremendously this year, I even made the deans list first semester. (for me this is extremely shocking). 

Although I don’t miss high school, I still miss Durham and Ms. V a lot. 

Durham if you read this, I’m taking creative writing next semester and I’m really excited to get back into creative writing.

Comp 2 has been absolute shit and I’ve found out that I suck at research papers or argumentative essays. 

Only 2 more finals left. 

Shrute Bucks

So I just recently started watching The Office and I just wear he’s the episode where Dwight was handing out Shrute buck for good behavior and it had me thinking about Durham. 

I was such a kiss ass I had so many Durham Shrute bucks by the end of the semester.

But doing that I won a Modest Mouse CD from Durham so it wasn’t a total loss.

Yes I do still listen to that Modest Mouse CD Durham!!

Even though I mainly just got all the songs off that CD through Apple Music and listen to it on my phone. 

Oh by the way, I fucking love The Office. 


For some reason on the 14th, I had like 66 people view my blog.


Did my mom make some separate accounts and look up my blog to make me feel important?