Checking In

Hey WordPress and everyone who still stops by every once in a while like myself. 

Tomorrow marks my last day of freshman year of college.

Man has this year been… something 😬

Community college honestly hasn’t been as bad as I thought. 

Me and my longest friend were able to re kindle our (best) friendship again this year and has even become good friends with all of my friends. 

We’ve all been through laughs and tears this year and DEFINITELY some drama. 

But not between us, which is very nice. 

We’ve learned to stay away from Parkway West guys because there is obviously something wrong with their drinking water. 

My grades improved tremendously this year, I even made the deans list first semester. (for me this is extremely shocking). 

Although I don’t miss high school, I still miss Durham and Ms. V a lot. 

Durham if you read this, I’m taking creative writing next semester and I’m really excited to get back into creative writing.

Comp 2 has been absolute shit and I’ve found out that I suck at research papers or argumentative essays. 

Only 2 more finals left. 

Shrute Bucks

So I just recently started watching The Office and I just wear he’s the episode where Dwight was handing out Shrute buck for good behavior and it had me thinking about Durham. 

I was such a kiss ass I had so many Durham Shrute bucks by the end of the semester.

But doing that I won a Modest Mouse CD from Durham so it wasn’t a total loss.

Yes I do still listen to that Modest Mouse CD Durham!!

Even though I mainly just got all the songs off that CD through Apple Music and listen to it on my phone. 

Oh by the way, I fucking love The Office. 


For some reason on the 14th, I had like 66 people view my blog.


Did my mom make some separate accounts and look up my blog to make me feel important?  

Shlama lama ding dong 

Well I really wanted to come back with a life update but your girls is sad, lonely, and boring so there’s nothing really new going on.

My cousin had a baby though and he is about the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

His name is Ronan, if that doesn’t already sell you on cuteness then I don’t know what would. 

He was born last Tuesday very early in the morning and I just love him. 

There’s a really cute guy in my public speaking class but he is like WAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY(x100) out of my league. But hot damn is he nice to look at. 😉

That’s really about all that’s new in my life though. 

Oh but I have picked up my guitar again and started playing a little bit. 🙂 

I have to do a persuasive speech in Public Speaking over why you should play an instrument so I gotta make sure I’m not rusty.

Especially since hot guy will be watching 😉 

Gotta impress him with my mad (awful) guitar skills!
Ps. I severely miss Durham. 


I just released my ex best friend from our frendsbip so there’s that. 

I also don’t think it’ll effect her in any way which is sad as fuck. 


I was looking through my old language arts journals and found a limerick you forced us to do in class. 

I remember I was NOT feeling it at all that day and I was way better at haikus

I remember no one was giving you a limerick that you liked and you called on me again and force me to share a limerick and I wrote:

“Mr. Durham gave us an assignment to do

But no inspiration is coming through

Always trying to mimic 

Someone else’s limerick 

When I’d much rather do a haiku”

I remember you getting so excited and you let me pick out an treat because you thought it was funny. 

Good times.

I miss your classes 😂


It’s not like I live up in the mountains or have beautiful scenery outside of my front window. But when it snows, the view from my front window is one of the most beautiful sights to me. 

I feel like my house is placed at the best spot of the neighborhood.

It’s at the top of a small hill and we probably have the biggest front yard in the neighborhood. 

We only have a couple trees in the front yard but the sunlight peeking around each branch is just amazing. 

I love looking out my window around sunset because I always get the most overwhelmingly beautiful sight. 


I really can’t wait for it to snow. A lot of people think it’s a burden but I don’t mind it at all. 

Here’s pics  of my street during sunset 

And the sunset behind the trees